A Schedule + Just Making It Clear

In Our Survey, you guys have been suggesting things like schedules*. So I decided to finally post this!

  • Saturday: Photoshoots/Photostories
  • Wednesday: Tags/Awards/Games
  • Thursday: DIYS/Vlogs/Stopmotions

I am #Rebellious and I will probably not stick to this schedule but it’s worth a shot XD

*Schedules will be ignored in case of Monthly Goals and birthday posts.

Hi guys! Lissie here. So there has been a little confusion about NTTM. And I didn’t really make it clear about the rules and stuff.

  • We post a picture of a truly me doll (Photo owned by AG!)
  • You guys comment with what you think would be a good name for that particular doll. (Which Emmie will not be GETTING)
  • We pick two of our favorite names (e.g. Paris and Elise) and we put them in to a poll on Playbuzz. 
  • You guys all vote on who you think the winner should be. 
  • The winner is announced along with the next NTTM and it starts all over again!

Note: THE POLL CLOSES ON AUGUST 31rst, 2017, 1:00 PM Central Time. The winner will be announced on September 1rst on our annual Monthly Goals post.


Hi everyone! It’s Lissie–

And Ellie!

And Ellie here! Congrats on everyone who entered!

In order to help us decide who won, TAKE OUR POLL!!!!

Get Voting!

Name that Truly Me #1! {CLOSED}

Welcome to name that truly me! It is hosted by me, Maryellen!

Oh and me, Felicity!

Name that truly me is a series Lissie and I will do every month. 

How it works is we will post a picture of a Truly Me, and in the comments, you will say what her name should be! Then we will take our top favorite answers and put them in a poll so you guys can vote. Then in the next NTTM, we will show you the winner and then we’ll do it all over again!

Thanks Lissie! For our first NTTM, we have…


















What should her name be? Get commenting!



What My Dolls Did While She Was Gone Pt 5 (Finale!)


I whistled cheerfully as I walked to the mailbox, Honey merrily trotting behind me.


An issue of American Girl magazine, a bill,  a letter from Emmie…


A letter from Emmie?

It must be her reply! I thought as I raced back home, Honey very confused at the sudden change of pace.



Once I got home, I immediately threw the rest of the mail on the kitchen table and opened the letter.


Dear Lissie, 

Camp is going great! Thanks for asking.

That sounds horrible! I hope Jayla feels better soon. 

You just have to remember, It is NOT any of your faults that Jayla reacted. It just could have easily happened anywhere else. 

Remember to have faith in Him, and pray that Jayla will get better. 

Have a great rest of the week and try to remember what said above. 

Missing you,


I folded the letter, smiling. Emmie would be back from camp soon. Jayla was home from the hospital. Everyone had stopped fighting.

All was well.

“LISSIE! Maryellen put a Woopie Cushion in my egg chair!”



Yaaayyyyy I finished it!!!  This was such a fun photostory series to shoot! Thanks again RainbowWriter/Cupcake/Jr. zoologist/Roxy for letting me use her Samantha for Jayla!

Watcha Wearing?

Felicity is wearing:

Top:Bitty baby lambie pj’s (RETIRED)

Leggings: Unknown

Shoes: Maryellen’s PJ’s



I made AGW a SURVEY!! It would be so awesome if you could take it!


Don’t forget to take the survey!!


Wrappin’ Up July+August Goals!!!


July is over.

That means summer. . . Is OVER??


But that means…. 


Which means….


And for most people, that’s sad. But for me, it means….



Oh, you were here for the goals? Oh yeah…

The Accomplished and Unnacomplished I’ Didn’t make that word up 😏  Goals of JULY!!

(Btw I am posting using the WordPress app so there  will be no text color in this post. 😕)



    I wrote…. A NOVEL?

    On my Writing Blog, I’ll be posting some exerpts! Stay tuned for those! 




    Yay! Happy birthday, Izzy! The party took place, here. (CLICK ME!!)


    1. MAKE JADE!!

    Remember when I said S I was going to customize Uni’s Isabel? Well, now I finally have to get around to it..? 😂



    Signin out, 

    Cutest Pet Contest

    Hey guys! Just went to the Tower of Americas (I brought Maryellen there and got some good pics so expect a post!) and then ice skating! 

    Well, Brooke (CLICK MEEE NOOWWW!!) is hosting a contest! I decided to enter my fluffy wuzzy Chewy. 🙂

    Going on Kinda Sorta Hiatus? + A Poll

    I was in a Little Mermaid play last week! I played Ariel^. Sadly, due to copyright laws, I wasn’t able to post a video, but I can post pictures!

    Hello my little… No fair, Enni gets to call her followers Stardust. So I guess I’ll call you… hmm, over at The Realm of Writing ya’ll are called Realmers, but I have no idea what to call you here. Worldies? Please shoot me a comment of what you think American Girl World’s followers should be called. Read More

    Liebster Award + Coming Soon


    1. Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog. Try to include a little promotion for the person who nominated you. They will thank you for it and those who you nominate will also help you out as well.

    2. Display the award on your blog — by including it in your post and/or displaying it using a “widget” or a “gadget”. (Note that the best way to do this is to save the image to your own computer and then upload it to your blog post.)

    3. Provide 10 random facts about yourself. (Optional but highly recommended!) Read More


    Guys. Help.

    I’m going to my grandmother’s house today right after lunch and her backyard is the main set for FW Pt. 2 and 3. I need to figure out if I need to bring all my dolls or just one. Sorry for the last minuteness. Take the poll to help me decide if I should discontinue Friendship Woods or not.

    Take the Poll NOW
    . Read More

    Everyone but Mya from AGLane, Please Read!

    So… Samantha is doing this really cool thingy for Mya’s birthday!

    Mya, from AGlane.  Get out!  Go away!  This is secret surprise material happening here!

    On your birthday, you will find out what’s happening here.  But for now, PLEASE click out of this, so it’s a surprise!

    I’ll give you some time to get out…

    Ok!  I think she’s gone now!  Mya’s birthday is coming up very soon.  So here’s the deal…

    Her birthday is on July 25th, and I want to surprise her with something AWESOME!  I think I’m going to send her a package with some stuff I’ll buy for her and her dolls.

    But to make it REALLY special, I need your help!

    Yes, you!

    I like to send Mya lots of letters, and she does the same to me, but then I got thinking… What if a whole bunch of bloggers sent her letters!

    That’s be AWESOME!

    View original post 312 more words

    Isabel’s Virtual Birthday Party!

    Sorry this post is… a few hours late! 

    You take a deep breath as you knock on the door. A cheerful Felicity doll opens it for you. 

    “Hello! I expect you’re here for Isabel’s party?” You nod.

    “Thanks for coming!” She then explains what happened that morning.

    “Maryellen woke up early and then shook us awake.

    “We then realized it was Isabel’s birthday, and we scurried off to make her breakfast in bed!

    “Sounds like an interesting morning!” You chuckle as you follow her in to a dollhouse.

    Wow, you think as you veiw the decor. Everyone is wearing fashionable clothing.

    “Hi, I’m Maryellen. Don’t call me cute, my outfit is hideous and I only wore it cause izzy made me. Which outfit would you like?” You point to the one you want (tell me wich one you picked in the comments!) and pull it on.

    Then you have a fashion show! You and All the dolls get to walk across the runway and showcase your outfits.

    Then you have cake and all sing!

    Did you have fun? Which outfit did you choose?

    July 4th Firework Show!

    Bonjour, everyone! It’s Isabel! EmeraldPhoenix took me to the firework show last night and took some pics! Sorry for bad lighting. Read More

    The Sisters Tag–Again!

    So, remember when I did the sisters tag here? Well, one of my marvelous followers The AG Homeschooler nominated Maryellen and Isabel! This is Isabel’s first time doing the tag. 😊 

    Here are the rules!

     • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog. 

     • Answer the 11 questions given and have your sister do the same for you. This way, we can compare and contrast the two of you!

     • Nominate 7 bloggers and have them answer the same 11 questions.

     • Have fun! 

    So first, Isabel!

    Which of you is older?

    I am! I’m actually the oldest of all of EmeraldPhoenix’s dolls.

    What’s your favorite thing to do together ?

    We like to go to the juice bar together! I work there, and sometimes after hours well come over for a snack.

    What is your sisters favorite food?

    I think anything with sugar! She particularly likes chocolate.

    What’s a character trait in the other that you appreciate?

    I like how she’s always positive, and kind. She may be the littlest of the doll family, but her heart is definitely the biggest! She’s very generous and loves to play.

    What’s a character trait in the other that you don’t appreciate?

    She’s very talkative. I can never get her to stop! She’ll just go on and on and rarely let others join the conversation.

    What’s one hobby that you have that the other doesn’t?

    I love to dance! Maryellen more prefers ice skating, and drawing.

    Who keeps a cleaner room?

    Me! Maryellen’s room (which she shares with DiamoundUnicorn’s Lea) is like, never clean. Never.

    What’s the biggest way in which your sister can annoy you?

    She loves pranks and goes to extreme measures when she does them. The problem is, I’m usually the victim…

    Describe each other in 3 words.

    Crazy, feisty, bold

    How do you two differ personality-wise?

    She’s an extrovert, I’m an introvert. We both have different interests and hobbies.

    Why do you love your sister? (C’mon, you know you do!)

    She’s super fun to hang out with and always has a unique perspective on things!

    Maryellen’s Answers

    Which of you is older?


    What’s your favorite thing to do together?

    I like when we go to the juice bar, and it’s so fun when we pretend that we are huntresses in the jungle!

    What’s your sister’s favorite food?

    She likes anything from the juice bar.

    What’s a character trait in the other that you appreciate?

    I like how she’s loyal, and sticks with you till the end.

    What’s a character trait in the other that you don’t appreciate?

    She can get a bit bossy.

    What’s one hobby that you have that the other doesn’t?

    I like to ice skate and scrapbook!

    Who keeps a cleaner room?


    What’s the biggest way in which your sister can annoy you?

    I’m the only one who annoys people in the dollhouse. 😏

    Describe each other in 3 words.

    Creative, loyal, pretty

    How do you two differ personality-wise?

    She’s a major fashion queen, and drama queen. Sure, I’m pretty dramatic, but a major tomboy whereas she is the ultimate girly girl. 😊

    Why do you love your sister? (C’mon, you know you do!)

    She’s really nice to me, and is willing to play with me a little more than Lexie is. 😏

    Well, that’s it! Happy Fourth of July to all who celebrate it! I’m taking Isabel to our neighborhood firework show, so keep your eyes peeled for a post!

    The Vlogging Tag

    So for no comp,eye reason I decided to create a vlogging tag. I was inspired by Rebekah she made this really cool post in this style but it’s from a ap long time ago and I don’t feel like scrolling through her blog to get you the link

     Here are the rules:  

    1.Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their  blog.

    2.Write a post (it can be about absolutely anything) and don’t edit it at all, like you would if you were vlogging. No back spacing or deleting allowed. (But if you make a typo that looks like an inappropriate word then you can delete it) It does not have to include pictures, but if you do include them, no editing allowed either. 

    3.Nominate 5 other people and let them know you nominated them.

    I nominate: 

    Rose @ The Dolls of Texas

    Rebcake @ Head in the Clouds
    Madi @ Madi Grace
    Enni @ Hooves and Pens
    Lissie @ Doll Stories