The Craft Tag!

Greetings, people of the Earth!

A while back, in, like, October, I was tagged for the Craft Tag by the awesome and exalted AG’s in Alaska! This awesome tag was created by Kaylyn!

Here’s the rules!

1. Answer all of the questions.

2. Create 5 or more new questions.

3. Tag however many people you want.

Here are AG’s in Alaska’s questions! My answers will be in italics.


  1. Are you good at crafting? I’m pretty good!
  2. Do you ever get frustrated when crafting? Yes, all the time!
  3. What type of crafting do you enjoy the most? I really like sewing for my dolls! Making ATCs is fun, too.
  4. Do you know how to use a sewing machine? Yes.
  5. Have you ever used a latchhook kit? No, but I want to!
  6. Are you good at whipping up crafts out of thin air, or do you need specific instructions? I’m pretty good at whipping up crafts with my own ideas. I like to make tutorials and things. But my crafts usually turn out best when I have instructions. 🙂
  7. Have you sewed doll clothes before? Yes! Here’s my favorite ones I’ve ever sewed:
  8. Have you ever sewed a stuffed animal? I have sewed several!


My questions:

  1. Have you ever made an ATC?
  2. What’s your favorite craft you’ve ever made?
  3. Have you ever made something for your dolls?
  4. Acrylic or watercolors?
  5. Pencil or pen and ink?
  6. Markers or colored pencils?
  7. What is your most infamous craft-gone-wrong?
  8. What is your favorite craft tutorial site?

I nominate:

Anyone who wants to do this tag!


Bye, guys! Expect a (ironically) craft video on Friday!



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17 thoughts on “The Craft Tag!

  1. Thanks SO much for doing this! I was wondering if anyone would do it…. I will go ahead and do this tag! I love your answers! YOU ARE SO GOOD AT SEWING!!!!! I LOVE the butterfly nightgown.

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