Wildflower // Giveaway Winner Guest Post by Rachel

Greetings, people of the Earth!

Remember the giveaway where the winner would get a guest post on this blog? Well, here’s the guest post! I’ll let Rachel take it from here!

 I won my second giveaway! That’s so exciting for me! Thank you so much for letting me do this!
Now I have to write a guest post? EEEEK! What to say? What to write? Hmmm…how about a short story. Yeah, I can do that 🙂 . Enjoy…ummm…Wildflower. Yes, sounds good.
     The wind tosses my long red hair into my face. I smile up at the blaring sun. I smile down at the pretty roses. I look out across the flowery meadow. Red and pink roses go beyond my line of vision. Then, wait, what do I see? Out there, not a delicate rose. No, this flower is a fiery red, akin to my hair, almost. I walk over to it tentatively. I don’t want to crush any of the roses.
     I finally reach the wild flower. It stands in an utter defiance of all the delicate things surrounding us. I bend down to look at it. Then, before I can stop myself, I grab it. It’s in my hands and I’m smelling it and then…I stop. I shudder. What have I just done? For a moment I try to reconnect the flower to the stem, but it is impossible. I stare in horror at the special flower. It begins to shrivel up. I scream at it to stop, but my words are carried away by the wind.
     I feel something inside of me. But it isn’t anger. It’s something strange, different. I feel different. I look down to see the ground coming at me. Slowly, my arms and legs connect to my body and turn green. My hair stands up and connects like…petals. I try to move my feet but I am rooted to the ground. I try to yell out, but it is too late. I have become the Wildflower.
The end! Did you like it? I realize it’s a little sad, but I enjoyed writing it!
Thank you so much for the opportunity! I loved writing this! Love you all!

Published by hannah rose

Hey there! I'm a teen Christian girl who loves ballet. I'm super passionate about encouraging positivity and creativity in others' lives. Thanks for stopping by! https://diaryofadaydreamerblog.home.blog

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