Say What Now??




WE HIT 1,000 LIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i heart this gif


That is so unbelievable. Only 15 days in to the New Year and I’ve already accomplished one of my goals!! thank you so much to all who take time to read, comment, and follow this blog. You guys mean everything to me and I wouldn’t be here without you.

Some random stats:

Best views ever: April 26, 2017

MOST POPULAR DAY: Saturday (17% of views)

MOST POPULAR HOUR10:00 PM (9% of views)

Visitors: 1,552


WordPress followers: 87

Email Followers: 4

Total Followers: 91!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We are theeeeeeese clooooooose to 100 followers. *faints* Just two months ago we were celebrating 50 followers! THIS IS SO CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!! I can already tell this is going to be an awesome blogging year. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

Top Commenters: (Not counting myself replying to your comments*)

a789a4c181cbc09ef085f3877a7aa443.pngBarkley’sBlog with 115 comments!!!


EnniMorgan with 96 comments!!


Kaylyn Grace with 64 comments!

Runners up: Hannah with 44 comments, AG’s in Alaska with 33 comments, and Lizzy with 25 comments!

*But if you’re wondering how much it’s 420


Comment below with the #marshmallowsforever and whether we should do a blog party or a site-design revamp when we hit 100!




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Hey there! I'm a teen Christian girl who loves ballet. I'm super passionate about encouraging positivity and creativity in others' lives. Thanks for stopping by!

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