Southern Snow: A Mini Photo Shoot

*There is no featured image because my laptop is so old that it doesn’t recognize Canva as a website 😡

Greetings, People of the Earth!

Guess what??



SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have never had a snow day before! Now, you’re probably expecting our yard to look like this:

Photo credit:

What our yard actually looks like:IMG_2138.JPG

In Texas it like, never snows, so when it does everyone freaks out and the schools and roads are closed…IT’S THE BEST!!!!! I just watched a movie, drank a cup of hot chocolate, and stuffed my face with marshmallows. I’ve also had time to take notes on Structuring Your Novel by K.M. Weiland, do some research on 1964, and after I finish this post I’m going to begin structuring my Camp NaNo novel! (which takes place in 1964 btw) I’m so excited for this book because it’s a spooky mystery and it’s got #africanamericanrep which is MY FAVE GUYS so just….eeeeeep!

Peoplein Texas during a slight chance of snow:91igj6.jpg.png

People in Texas during a hurricane:


Anyways,, for the actual photo shoot (poem by yours truly)

Standing outside, in the midst of the snow


The world blanketed in white, unlike anything I’ve ever known


Run in the slush, quiet as mice


Sliding and gliding on the frozen iceIMG_2143

I shiver in the cold, but I don’t really care


Adventure awaits in this below-freezing air!

Sorry for such a short, all over the place post! Stay tuned for a Forever Behind the Scenes video, coming as soon as it gets warm enough to shoot the outside scenes!


(P.S. Isn’t Felcity’s coat cute? My grandma ordered a hairbrush and somehow they gave her a doll outfit by mistake (?), and they let her keep it, so she gave it to me! Thx grandma!)

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