4 Blogs that Need More Followers! (And YOU Need to Be One of Them)

Hey there, people of the Earth!

Today I’m going to share 4 blogs that definitely deserve more followers! You should totally check them out and follow!

Disclaimer: Please don’t be offended if your blog is not on this list. I’m only listing blogs that have under 10 followers and sadly I had to narrow it down to the small number of four! (In no particular order)


1. The Adventures of Sassy

If you are looking for a fun blog that has cute kitty videos, stories from a kittie’s perspective, and so much more fun and interactive posts and videos, visit https://theadventuresofsassy.com! This is such a fun blog that definitely deserves more follows!


2. The Planet of Life

This really fun and awesome blog is run by Star (aka Comet) and she posts games like would you rather, gives book and blog recommendations, and posts about her favorite things, American Girl Dolls and science! Check out her blog at https://theplanetoflife.wordpress.com!

iur-13. LL Cool K

LL Cool K is a really great blog that has traveling tips, photos, and more! The site is private, so you may have 5. request an invite. Check out https://lkstravelingtips.wordpress.com/  for a fabulous and cool blog!!

iur-14. Popple Hill Studios

Popple Hill Studios posts sewing tips, tricks, and the ups and downs of doll couture! Support her by visiting her https://www.etsy.com/shop/PoppleHillStudios, and be sure to check out her blog at https://popplehillstudios.wordpress.com/!iur-1

Thanks for reading! Sorry for such a short post and that it’s not very doll-blog-ish. Have a lovely Saturday!

The Random Edit! (1)

Random Word of the Day: Roundup. (Very random!!)

Random Fun Fact of the Day: It is medically impossible for a person to lick their own elbow. (Try it!)

Random Thing I Did Today: I gathered rocks for money. (This is uber random…)

Random Post That’s Coming Up: Dream Big, Darling (A Photoshoot)


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28 thoughts on “4 Blogs that Need More Followers! (And YOU Need to Be One of Them)

  1. This is a cool feature! I think you should do this more often. I checked out most of these blogs and they seem pretty cool!

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