Packing (And More Packing) | A Photo-story and Mini AGSM!

Hello, my lovely marshmallows! Guess what? I’m going on vacation today through Wednesday! I can’t tell you where I’m going until I get back from the trip, but I can show you what Alexandra’s bringing! Here’s an AGSM and photo-story about Alexandra’s preparations for the trip.

So, in the end, I ended up having to pack for her XD First, we have her swim bag!

Alexandra’s swim bag includes: Lea Clark’s towel, sunscreen, and flippers; sunglasses from the Grace travel outfit; the swimsuit from the 2016 Olympics special offer; and the bag itself is Isabelle’s dance bag. She’s all set for the pool!

Alexandra’s activity bag is filled with: A pencil case from the MAG school set; her diary that I made; an extra camera strap from Z’s camera; her laptop that I made; a sketchbook from the OG art set; a paintbrush from the OG art set; some paints from the OG art set; a book from the mini Addy doll; a mini Rubix cube; an iPad my dad made; and the backpack is from the MAG school set. She definitely won’t be bored in the car!

Now for Lexie’s main suitcase, which has: Maryellen’s play outfit; pajamas (Grace’s pajama pants and a nightgown from…erm…actually I have no clue); Tenney’s T-shirt; jeans and golden boots from AG; and the suitcase is Grace’s suitcase.


Here are Alexandra’s toiletries, which I stuck in her activity bag.


And here’s her pillow and sleeping bag!

American Girl Doll #27 packing, luggage, dolls, travel

Ready for an adventure? I know I am!

So, I’m not going to be on WordPress very much for the next three or four days, so goodbye for a time! Now if you excuse me, I have to pack for myself…:P



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