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Please excuse the bad pun 

Hey, marshmallows!

It seems crazy that it’s already Fall. Can you believe that? School has started, the weather is cooling down (in everywhere except Texas), and the trees are beginning to turn orange and red.

Basically, how my seasonal wrap-up posts work, I list the pros and cons of the past season (in this case, Summer). Then, I’ll share some stats, and conclude with goals for the future and what I got done this summer!


  • I didn’t get to go to summer camp this year
  • It was really, really hot
  • I got bored super easily
  • School started…50% pro, 50% con?
  • Near the end of the Summer, I hit writer’s block in my book. It feels like I’m stuck right where I am, and I can’t move forward.
  • The big surprise was supposed to happen, but thanks to me, that keeps getting delayed, ugh.
  • I didn’t post much at all.
  • My insomnia came back and I feel like my anxiety from last year is too, even though I now know what was wrong with me (diabetes)
  • I got cast as a Poli in the Nutcracker for the third year in a row


  • I got a TON of writing done, especially in July!
  • I had an amazing Camp NaNo experience and made tons of new online friends.
  • I made one of my best posts ever, Z Crew News: Episode 1 | Coverage You Can Count On!
  • I discovered my love for journalism and started a hit family newsletter.
  • I went to a fun diabetes camp and caught my first fish! I also made some new friends, learned how to canoe & weave, and stayed at a nice hotel.
  • I dyed the tips of my hair red! I had to cut them off when school started, though.
  • I started writing the script for a big Christmas thing!
  • I’m a lead Poli!! That means I get to come out first and do a duet with one of my friends at the beginning of the dance!

Here are some stats from the past summer! Note: I am not bragging or anything, just updating you guys on my progress.

stats- june

Most popular post: Hello From a Hotel!

My favorite post: Lea’s Golden Hour Adventure {a photoshoot}

Comments: 53

Likes: 82

stats – july

Most popular post: Happy Birthday, Isabel!

My favorite post:5 Things You Never Knew About AGW

Comments: 39

Likes: 51

stats – august

Most popular post: Z Crew News: Episode 1 | Coverage You Can Count On

My favorite post: Z Crew News: Episode 1 | Coverage You Can Count On

Comments: 27

Likes: 24 (Aaand that’s what I get for only posting twice XD)

stats – overall

Most popular post: In Which my Whole World is Rocked

My favorite post: Z Crew News: Episode 1 | Coverage You Can Count On

Top commenter: LKsTravelingTips

Comments: 3,210

Likes: 2,360

Views: 12,956

Followers: 183 (We’re really close to 200!!!)

did i complete my goals?

All of the answers will be in bold!

  • I WILL finish organizing the playroom!

Yup! I got this done. It was really hard and got messy again, but it was worth it!

  • And I WILL get my over-splits on both legs!

Haha nope. BUT I got my left splits/oversplits, but I don’t even have my right splits (oops)

  • Camp Celestial Falls! (The parts are plotted!)

Yeah, that didn’t happen. BUT I had fun planning it before I realized it was super weird and unrealistic.


That got delayed, but it’s coming up this October, hopefully!

  • Camp Rainbow!

That was so fun!

  • and Acting Camp!

Kind of a disappointment, since I only had four lines this year (last year I was the lead). BUT I was an acrobat along with my Apple Vendor part, so that made up for it! I also got to see one of my best friends that moved away, so that was awesome.

  • The new dollhouse!

Yup! I’ve got the pictures for a tour post, but I STILL haven’t finished editing them, oops!

  • And so much more!

Dear Emmie from three months ago,

This is not a goal. This is a random statement that looked cool before you made up the goal thing and thought this was just a ‘looking ahead’ thing. Thank you for messing up the post.


A very annoyed present Emmie

Sorry about that. XD

so you’ve been ranting about summer…what happens this fall? (#goals)

  • NaNoWriMo! (which I may or may not be participating in. I’m still deciding.)
  • I WILL finish the first draft of my novel!
  • THE BIG SURPRISE (for real this time!!)
  • I will gain core and foot strength from my pre-pointe classes!
  • LOTS of Nutcracker prep
  • My birthday!!!
  • And, just so I can annoy my future self…
  • SO MUCH MORE! 😉 😉


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  1. Well, at least yours was better than mine. At least one person had strep off and on for the ENTIRE summer! BTW, do you take ballet? I do and I am the third highest level at my studio. We don’t have a nutcracker though…..

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