What Doll Should Meet Mixiepixie7? | Vote Now!

Hey guys! I have some super exciting news (that you can already tell from the title but I’m going to tell you anyway):

Mixiepixie7 is hosting a meetup at my local AG Store, and I’m going!!!

Originally, when I asked my mom about it, she just said “probably”. Which everyone knows ranks high on the Mom-o-Meter of responses.

But just today, I asked her again for confirmation, and she said YES!!!!!!

In case you live under a rock (or just don’t subscribe to AGTubers), Micah/Mixiepixie7 is a YouTuber who is super famous in the AGTube world and creates phenomenal stopmotions and videos!

This photo is from Micah’s Channel, so it’s not mine!

Here is the link to her channel, where you can find a video explaining details about the meetup and all of her other awesome content!

I’m a huge fan of her channel and I’m LITERALLY SO EXCITED to get to meet her!!!! Ahhhh I just want it to be March 10 already. And my friend might get to come with me!

So, of course, all of my dolls want to come too. But only one will be able to come with me! I’ve narrowed it down to my Top 3 options, and I have no idea which one to take!

So, I thought, why not let you guys decide?

I let each of the dolls put together a little “campaign”, where they will have a photo, short bio, why they want to go, and reasons to pick them! You guys will vote in the comments! The deadline is March 8, 2019, so you have until Friday to cast your vote!

Bio: Hi, I’m Paris Kay Elliot! I love basketball and journalism, and recently, I’ve gotten into acting! I starred in AGW’s Christmas movie Flashback and I’m going to co-star in Forever Season 2! (Yes, there is going to be a Season 2! If you vote for me, maybe I’ll give you some hints! 😉) I’m the main character in Emmie’s book, Trying for the Sky, (previously titled Paris Takes the Shot), and I’m the newest doll.

Why I want to go: I’ve always LOVED Mixiepixie7’s videos and I would absolutely love to meet her and take my first trip to the American Girl Store (not counting the time I was bought!) It would be awesome to interview her. She works with incredibly talented doll actresses all the time. And I’m hoping that she’ll bring Sophie Claire and Cassie, because I’d love to meet hem too!

Why you should vote for me: If you vote for me, there might be a new stop motion starring me! And I’ve never been to the AG Store besides getting bought, and I’m the newest doll.

Bio: Hey, everyone! I’m Alexandra Kate Blakely, a writer, singer, and ballerina! I look so much like Sophie Claire, I could be her twin sister! I played roles in Forever Season 1 as well as in Flashback and various videos and photo stories, plus I’m a character in TFTS. I have T1D, just like Emmie!

Why I want to go: I would love to meet my twin Sophie Claire if Micah brings her, and I love Micah’s videos and I’ve been watching them for as long as I can remember! Going to the AG Store is one of my favorite things to do, ever!

Why you should vote for me: If you vote for me, there will be a short story written by me and a photo shoot posted on this blog! Plus, you’ll get the CUTEST pics of me and Sophie Claire!

Bio: What’s up, guys? I’m Ziana Joy Yang, but you can call me Z. You probably recognize me as the host of the popular Z Crew News series and from my YouTube Channel, Z Crew, that has over 100,000 subscribers! I love filmmaking, dogs, photography, and art. I co-starred in Forever Season 1, and I’m going to star in Forever Season 2 as well! I also played the doctor in Flashback, and I’ve produced, directed, edited, and starred tons of videos for AGW’s channel, including Isabel and Lea React to Blaire Wilson!

Why I want to go: I absolutely love filmmaking and YouTube videos, so meeting Micah would be a dream come true for me! I’ve watched her channel since I was fostered and then came to the AGW family and it’s been amazing to see her channel grow. I would do an awesome interview with her, because I love journalism and I have a lot of practice from ZCN!

Why you should vote for me: If you vote for me, there will be a NEW ZCN EPISODE! And, the vlog we will take at the meetup will be directed and edited by me, and you’ll get a photo shoot of me, too! And, there

That’s it for the campaign bios! (Is that even a thing? Oh well, now it is.) Now it’s your turn! Who will get to go to the AG Store on Sunday, March 10? Only YOU can decide by commenting below your vote by March 8!

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26 thoughts on “What Doll Should Meet Mixiepixie7? | Vote Now!

  1. I vote Paris! Last night I dreamed that I WENT, and I met you! (there was also stuff about flying cats, but that wasn’t important) but unfortunately my Mom’s response to ”Hey, we should go to Texas on the 10th!” was ”I don’t think so.” Which is pretty low on the mom-o-meter of responses, lol. Maybe one day we really can meet up! Have fun meeting Micah!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Great, thanks for the vote! Paris is winning by a landslide, haha, I totally thought Z was gonna win! I guess it’s the Forever Season 2 thing?

      Ohmigosh that’s kind of hilarious!! (FLYING CATS IS NOTHING COMPARED TO MY CRAZY DREAM LAST NIGHT. THERE WERE GIANt CHUBBY BULLDOGS AND STICKY FACE CREAM AND I’M JUST GONNA STOP NOW CUZ THIS IS GETTING TOO WEIRD.) Lol! That would be absolutely INCREDIBLE! We ALMOST moved to Boston last year, so we could’ve been neighbors! 😮 😮 Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, I love Paris’ personality and story – Oh, all right, she’s really cute, too, lol.
        WHAT?? THAT SOUNDS AMAZING. Bulldogs are the cutest! We’re getting a dog in May, and I reeeaaaally want a French bulldog, but our local shelter didn’t have any, so it looks like we’re getting this adorable Golden Retriever/Lab/terrier mix.
        Ahh! Boston is only about 1.5 hours from where I live, that would’ve been SO COOL. Maybe I should drop some hints about going to Texas on vacation…

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Lol!
          IKR? But in the dream they were huge and chubby and like bigger than an adult. It was weird. Bulldogs are SOOO CUUUTE! CONGRATS ON GETTING A DOG!!! Hopefully you are FINALLY abandoning the dark side and becoming a dog person (jk lol).
          That would’ve been awesome! Except we would’ve been moving around the time I got diabetes, so I would’ve been diagnosed, like, on the way there… YES YOU SHOULD!!! I would recommend Houston (because I live in that area and it’s totally AWESOME and there’s a ton of super fun stuff to do there, or San Antonio because of the Alamo, River Walk, Tower of Americas, all the awesome tours, and we could still meet up if you went there!

          Liked by 1 person

  2. ALL OF THEM! (Just kidding :D) I guess this comment is late, but I think you should bring Alexandra 🙂 Anyways, have fun meeting her! 😀

    Liked by 1 person


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