Another Trip To The American Girl Store! | Vlog, What I Got, Review, and More! (Ft. Taylor!)

Hey guys! The other day I took a trip to the AG store with my friends (including Taylor from my last AG store video!) Super sorry that my schedule got really messed up: I was supposed to post this on Friday, but I was so busy I couldn’t get it up until Sunday, and then I didn’t have time to reblog it until today! So there’s going to be two videos this week, instead of the regular post and video. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m also going to be at camp next week, so there won’t be any videos, but there will be a blog post.

(Wow, that’s a lot!) I hope you guys enjoy this video! I had a ton of fun making it, and I’m really happy I was able to buy the Explore the Outdoors outfit with my own money. Check out this fun vlog featuring Taylor, her little sister, and a few of my other friends!

Before we go, I want to give a HUGE shoutout to Natalie at the AG Spot! She’s founded the AG Blogger’s Club, an exclusive blog and community for AG Bloggers. Sign up to be an AGBC member here to get publicity, member perks, exclusive content, make new friends, and more! Don’t have an AG Blog but are interested in the doll blogging community? Don’t forget to give AGBC a follow and never miss another post!

I’m super excited for all of the amazing things that are going to happen at AGBC. Check it out!

I hope you guys enjoyed this video! Make sure to subscribe to the AGW YouTube Channel!


โ˜†CHECK OUT AGBC: THE LINK IS LIVE! https://agbloggersclub.home.blogโ˜†

โ˜† INTRO TEMPLATE: HeyIt’sMya |โ€ฆ โ˜†
โ˜† END SCREEN: editing by matthieu | His channel: โ˜†
โ˜† INTRO MUSIC: Wide Awake by Broken Elegance ๐ŸŽฉ
Creative Commons โ€” Attribution 3.0 Unportedโ€” CC BY 3.0โ€ฆ
Music provided by Music for Creators โ˜†
โ˜† BACKGROUND MUSIC: Track: Flying High โ€” Declan DP [Audio Library Release]
Music provided by Audio Library Plus
Free Download / Stream:
Summertime by Scandinavianz
Creative Commons โ€” Attribution 3.0 Unported โ€” CC BY 3.0โ€ฆ
Music promoted by Audio Library
Invisible by Declan DP
Licensing Agreement 2.0 (READ)
Music promoted by Audio Libraryโ˜†

What was your favorite part about the video? Are you subscribed to the AGW YouTube channel? Are you going to become a member on AGBC?

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13 thoughts on “Another Trip To The American Girl Store! | Vlog, What I Got, Review, and More! (Ft. Taylor!)

  1. Haha!!!!!!! Looks like you had so much fun! Which store is it? If it’s the one in TX then we could probably meet up sometime! If not, that’s out of range! LOL!
    OhMyGosh! How did you do that with your name???

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