Laura & Mary

Phoenix has never posted about us? Grrr. She totally ignores the fact that she’s got other dolls besides AG! Like what about all those poor stuffed animals that she dumps in the corner, never to be posted about? What about the LEGOs, who remain unphotographed in a corner of Uni’s LEGO table? What about ME?Continue reading “Laura & Mary”

What We Did While She Was Gone Pt. 1

This is the post I promised! It turned out to be quite a long photostory, so it will be done in two parts. MARYELLEN’S POV “We’ll be fine, Mom.” I say as EmeraldPhoenix reminds me for the 100th time to be good for Isabelle, who she had left in charge.  “But I just don’t getContinue reading “What We Did While She Was Gone Pt. 1”

My New Book/Writing Blog! + a Schedule & a Photostory 

Alexandra: (panting) Guess what? Phoenix just told me she’s starting a a new writing/book blog! Maryellen: BOOKS! Alexandra: We all agree, books are awesome–  Isabelle: I disagree. I think books are just heaps of rubbish. Maryellen: BOOKS! Alexandra: Like I was saying before SOMEONE so rudely interrupted me, Most of us agree, books are great, but they’re nothingContinue reading “My New Book/Writing Blog! + a Schedule & a Photostory “

Isabelle Goes to Austin: Part 1 

Hi there! It’s Izzy-Fizzy here! Here I will show you part one of our trip!  I sat in the van, feeling very comfortable after we had dropped Chewy off at the kennel place.  Phoenix was listening to a Mary Poppins (the second volume, if you must know) Audiobook, so I tiptoed to the window so I couldContinue reading “Isabelle Goes to Austin: Part 1 “

A New Beggining 

In the POV of Felicity  “Hurry, Galaxy.” I urged my chestnut mare.  “Here’s the place.” I turned toward the large metal contraption on my left.  I hooked her trailer on to the mysterious machine and stepped inside. I entered the date, 4/8/17.  Then I pulled the lever and the machine whirred to life. I wasContinue reading “A New Beggining “