Isabel’s Bad Hair Day AGSM

Hi marshmallows! I’ve been working on a new AGSM for you guys, and I hope you like it! TIP: Go to the website if you’re in the reader and the video is not showing up. Music credit: Anywhere by Ikson Music provided by Music for Creators I had so much fun making theContinue reading “Isabel’s Bad Hair Day AGSM”

Ellie Went to the Tower of Americas!

Heyyy, people of the earth!  I’m finally posting this Maryellen went to the Tower of Americas last summer when I went to San Antonio to visit my grandma! We also went to the Alamo and the River Walk, but I don’t have any pictures of those because a) I was like freaking out what ifContinue reading “Ellie Went to the Tower of Americas!”

The Super Bowl: A Mini Photo Story + WE HIT 100!!!

NO. WAY. ↓ SAY WHAT NOW??? I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are so awesome! *hugs everyone* MARSHMALLOWS FOR EVERYONE! Wait, not everyone…*takes insulin shot* ok now I get my marshmallow! XD We’re going to have an AWESOME blog party next weekend, on Saturday, February 17, 2018 (exact time TBD) More details in tomorrow’s post!Continue reading “The Super Bowl: A Mini Photo Story + WE HIT 100!!!”

I May or May not be Starting a New Photo Story Series!

Greetings, People of the Earth! And just like that, Christmas is over. It went by really quickly. All of that waiting, and the day finally came. And the day passed with the blink of an eye. And then it was New Years and things. So basically, now I’m bored. So, when I’m bored, I startContinue reading “I May or May not be Starting a New Photo Story Series!”

Christmas Collab Day 6: Z and Lissie’s Egg-cellent Egg Race

Elloh, epole fo eth artEh! Word jumble, which is my recent obsession. 🙂 Here’s another puzzle: maChiss si ni VENSE YADS!!!!!!! Christmas is in a week! I can’t believe it. Anywho, on with the post! (PS Emmie Awards voting will be up tomorrow.) . “I’M SO BOOOORRREEEDDD,” Felicity groans. “Why don’t we open today’s advent?”Continue reading “Christmas Collab Day 6: Z and Lissie’s Egg-cellent Egg Race”

Christmas Collab Day 1: The Un-pear-able Treat

Hello, people of the earth! Today is day 1 of the collaboration with the fabulous EnniMorgan! Her post will be up later this evening. I’ll be posting tomorrow, then she’ll be posting the next day, then I’ll be posting the day after that, and so on. So, let’s get started, shall we? “What’s that?” Maryellen asked,Continue reading “Christmas Collab Day 1: The Un-pear-able Treat”

Introducing the Emmie Awards!

So, last night I got the awesomest idea ever: The Emmie Awards! That’s right, our very own awards show! (Kind of.) Like the Emmy Awards, the “Emmies” works like this: You guys nominate blogs for each category in the comments, and then we all vote! The voting will take place on December 16 through 25.Continue reading “Introducing the Emmie Awards!”


Marshmallows. WE HIT 50 FOLLOWERS. WE HIT 50 FOLLOWERS? WE HIT 50 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so, so crazy. 50 PEOPLE decided that AGW was good enough to click that little button–the button that can change a blogger’s life. YOU are the reason why American Girls continue to Rule the World–you aren’t just another follower onContinue reading “WE HIT OVER 50 FOLLOWERS???!!!!!!! | A MEGA Q&A”

Z’s Media Kit REVEIW

Hello everyone! Welcome to American Girl World! Today I’ll be reviewing the Z’s Media Kit from American Girl! This is ironic, because I am taking pictures of a photography studio in my new photography studio! XDD You can see Victoria and Emily up there! The front of the box has an image of the productContinue reading “Z’s Media Kit REVEIW”

Victoria the Dreamer | I Got a Free Doll?!

Hello, my loyal marshmallows! It is I, Emmie! Thanks for stopping by! So……My neighbor was getting rid of some of her doll collection! No, she is not an American Girl Doll. But, even though she is not an American Girl, I think she is beautiful. At first I thought she was creepy but know I really likeContinue reading “Victoria the Dreamer | I Got a Free Doll?!”