Here’s What “DD” Really Means | I’m Launching A Lifestyle Blog!

It took months and months of planning. Writing. Designing. Brainstorming. Organizing. Changing. Creating. And now, DD is ready for the world to see. But what does DD even mean? What’s this secret project, anyways? Well, you’re about to find out. But first, here’s what DD doesn’t mean. 😂 (Awesome guesses on the survey, guys!) “IContinue reading “Here’s What “DD” Really Means | I’m Launching A Lifestyle Blog!”

Hola! | A Summer AGMV (Cover)

Hey guys! It’s Emmie here with a brand-new AGMV with a summery vibe! I absolutely LOVE this song and I was super excited to cover it for an AGMV! Lately I’ve been taking summery snapshots with my polaroid camera for my scrapbook, so I decided to go with a polaroid theme for the AGMV. IContinue reading “Hola! | A Summer AGMV (Cover)”

So, It’s Been A Year

It was weird yesterday, watching my sister’s basketball game. Because almost one year ago I was the one out there on the court. But I wasn’t okay like she was. I was exhausted, sickness building up in my body as I ran limply back and forth. If I had gotten the ball I wouldn’t haveContinue reading “So, It’s Been A Year”