Confetti Eggs, Easter, and Felicity’s Birthday // A Photoshoot

Happy Easter, guys! Felicity here! Last Friday, April 12, was my birthday! My best friend-slash-sister, Lea, was busy modeling for a photo contest Emmie’s in that day, (check out a playlist of all of the photos and rounds so far here!) and I was camping with some of my horseback friends! So to make upContinue reading “Confetti Eggs, Easter, and Felicity’s Birthday // A Photoshoot”

Pen Pals #2 // A Collaboration With Forever American Girl

Hey there! Welcome to American Girl World! Remember the collab with Saige from Forever American Girl? Well, this is part two to that collab! Well, I guess I’ll let Felicity take over from here!! Dear Saige, Hi! Thank you for replying to my letter. I really love the poster you made me! Lea and I like toContinue reading “Pen Pals #2 // A Collaboration With Forever American Girl”

Forever Episode 5: The Grand Finale

This is it, people of the earth. The last episode. Head on over to this post before you watch it–it will make a whole lot more sense. XD I hope you like it! Would you want a Season 2 to see what happens to Galaxy’s ear and Jade and Izzy’s parents? Or should I justContinue reading “Forever Episode 5: The Grand Finale”

The Super Bowl: A Mini Photo Story + WE HIT 100!!!

NO. WAY. ↓ SAY WHAT NOW??? I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are so awesome! *hugs everyone* MARSHMALLOWS FOR EVERYONE! Wait, not everyone…*takes insulin shot* ok now I get my marshmallow! XD We’re going to have an AWESOME blog party next weekend, on Saturday, February 17, 2018 (exact time TBD) More details in tomorrow’s post!Continue reading “The Super Bowl: A Mini Photo Story + WE HIT 100!!!”

Christmas Collab Day 6: Z and Lissie’s Egg-cellent Egg Race

Elloh, epole fo eth artEh! Word jumble, which is my recent obsession. 🙂 Here’s another puzzle: maChiss si ni VENSE YADS!!!!!!! Christmas is in a week! I can’t believe it. Anywho, on with the post! (PS Emmie Awards voting will be up tomorrow.) . “I’M SO BOOOORRREEEDDD,” Felicity groans. “Why don’t we open today’s advent?”Continue reading “Christmas Collab Day 6: Z and Lissie’s Egg-cellent Egg Race”