Introducing the Emmie Awards!

So, last night I got the awesomest idea ever: The Emmie Awards! That’s right, our very own awards show! (Kind of.) Like the Emmy Awards, the “Emmies” works like this: You guys nominate blogs for each category in the comments, and then we all vote! The voting will take place on December 16 through 25.Continue reading “Introducing the Emmie Awards!”

look who’s back! // nano summary, monthly recap-style goals, and a whole lot more

Look who’s back! Hello people and dolls of the earth! After 1 month of a hiatus, I am finally…back! NaNoWriMo was super awesome, and I got to gain some writing experience, make some awesome friends (ok, they were all moderators who I emailed about bug reports, but they still count.), and I may have actually….won?Continue reading “look who’s back! // nano summary, monthly recap-style goals, and a whole lot more”

Z the Tree Hugger…Literally | A Photoshoot

Hello, marshmallows! Today I took Z outside for a photoshoot! She’s going to guest star in Forever, so that’s when she’ll be coming to the doll family on the blog, if you were wondering. So…I guess I’ll let Z take over! Hello! I’m Ziana, but everybody calls me Z. (Emmie: In her books her real name is Susie,Continue reading “Z the Tree Hugger…Literally | A Photoshoot”


Marshmallows. WE HIT 50 FOLLOWERS. WE HIT 50 FOLLOWERS? WE HIT 50 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so, so crazy. 50 PEOPLE decided that AGW was good enough to click that little button–the button that can change a blogger’s life. YOU are the reason why American Girls continue to Rule the World–you aren’t just another follower onContinue reading “WE HIT OVER 50 FOLLOWERS???!!!!!!! | A MEGA Q&A”

Z’s Media Kit REVEIW

Hello everyone! Welcome to American Girl World! Today I’ll be reviewing the Z’s Media Kit from American Girl! This is ironic, because I am taking pictures of a photography studio in my new photography studio! XDD You can see Victoria and Emily up there! The front of the box has an image of the productContinue reading “Z’s Media Kit REVEIW”

Ciao to September | October is Upon Us

  So. Um. I’m reaalllllyyyyy bad at introductions so can we please start? . GOALS Get Forever scripted! ummm…. I got episode one scripted? 2.Customize Uni’s Bitty Baby √ You can read the post here!  3. Get an A in Math X I was doing really well but then I got like a C on my test so yeah I’llContinue reading “Ciao to September | October is Upon Us”

Anya’s Blog Tour: My Contribution!

Hello, people of earth! Welcome to my contribution to Anya’s Blog Tour! She’s the fabulous author on The Unique Squad and former Blogger blogger (pun ((??)) not intended) and now she’s switching to WordPress! Her new blog is:   CLICK ME FOR FREE TRANSPORTATION TO MY LIFE IN WORDS! I guess I’ll write an acrostic?? Awesome. Never has NContinue reading “Anya’s Blog Tour: My Contribution!”

Garden Girl | An American Girl World Original Photoshoot + NTTMN #2 VOTING

She’s sporty and redheaded… She’s your favorite doll… She’s Maryellen! Hello, folks, and welcome to American Girl World! It’s Ellie here! The other day we went to Emmie’s grandparents’ house for the Aggie game (We won!) and she took me with her! My grandma has the coolest backyard, so she took me outside for aContinue reading “Garden Girl | An American Girl World Original Photoshoot + NTTMN #2 VOTING”

The Old Post Tag | In Which I React to Old Posts

Hey there, marshmallows! First of all, I wanted to say I’m not dead I haven’t been posting very much these past couple of weeks–life right now is hectic with Harvey and school and stuff! Second of all, I wanted to say Merry Christmas PINEAPPLES ON PIZZA ARE DELICIOUS PLEASE ILSA. ALSO PLEASE DON’T ARREST ME. I’M WATCHINGContinue reading “The Old Post Tag | In Which I React to Old Posts”

A Schedule + Just Making It Clear

In Our Survey, you guys have been suggesting things like schedules*. So I decided to finally post this! Saturday: Photoshoots/Photostories Wednesday: Tags/Awards/Games Thursday: DIYS/Vlogs/Stopmotions I am #Rebellious and I will probably not stick to this schedule but it’s worth a shot XD *Schedules will be ignored in case of Monthly Goals and birthday posts. Hi guys! LissieContinue reading “A Schedule + Just Making It Clear”