Don’t Forget to Vote!

Hey marshmallows! Emmie here with a reminder that today is the LAST DAY for you to decide which doll will get picked to go to Mixiepixie7’s meetup! Click here to cast your vote in the comments! Hey guys! I have some super exciting news (that you can already tell from the title but I’m goingContinue reading “Don’t Forget to Vote!”

Happy Valentine’s Day From Popcorn! (A Mini Photostory) + A Poll!

Hi, everyone! Are you surprised to see me here? Well, Emmie really wanted to do an awesome gigantic photo-story, but unfortunately she got sick and couldn’t do it! So I swooped in to the rescue and made this little post for you guys! I hope you all have an absolutely fantastic V-Day (as I likeContinue reading “Happy Valentine’s Day From Popcorn! (A Mini Photostory) + A Poll!”

The Emmie Awards 2018 VOTING! [closed]

Hey marshmallows! You guys have been super enthusiastic with nominating for this year’s Emmie’s, meaning we have 64 total nominees! You can use the Typeform I’ve linked to down below to cast your votes! Remember: You can only vote once! Obliging to this rule will help keep the Emmie Awards fair, honest, and fun for everyone.Continue reading “The Emmie Awards 2018 VOTING! [closed]”

You’re Invited to the Best Blog Party Ever! + {Poll Results}

How it works: On February 10, at 1:00pm, the link ( will open You will be asked to enter a password: Enter the code marshmallowsforever, no caps You’ll be transported to a super-mega-awesome page where the blog party is happening! You’ll get virtual refreshments, participate in chats, and discover tons of new blogs and makeContinue reading “You’re Invited to the Best Blog Party Ever! + {Poll Results}”

The Blogger Recognition Award + Check Out This Awesome Giveaway! + A Poll

I just realized that my profile picture is of me in DKA with 691 blood sugar. *facepalm* Enjoy this temporary picture of my dog for now. XD I was tagged by the awesome ThatGirl4Ever for the Blogger Recognition Award! Thank you so much, TG4E, for nominating me for this award! I’m so honored! Rules: Show yourContinue reading “The Blogger Recognition Award + Check Out This Awesome Giveaway! + A Poll”

Emmie Awards 2017 VOTING!

Hello, people of the Earth! Now, for what you all have been waiting for….THE EMMIE AWARDS VOTING!! If you need a reminder, The poll for the Emmies will close on December 25, Christmas day. Like on the Emmys, all of the winners will be alerted on December 26 so they can write their “acceptance speech”.Continue reading “Emmie Awards 2017 VOTING!”