Z’s Media Kit REVEIW

Hello everyone! Welcome to American Girl World! Today I’ll be reviewing the Z’s Media Kit from American Girl! This is ironic, because I am taking pictures of a photography studio in my new photography studio! XDD You can see Victoria and Emily up there! The front of the box has an image of the productContinue reading “Z’s Media Kit REVEIW”

Victoria the Dreamer | I Got a Free Doll?!

Hello, my loyal marshmallows! It is I, Emmie! Thanks for stopping by! So……My neighbor was getting rid of some of her doll collection! No, she is not an American Girl Doll. But, even though she is not an American Girl, I think she is beautiful. At first I thought she was creepy but know I really likeContinue reading “Victoria the Dreamer | I Got a Free Doll?!”