Meet the Dolls

Welcome to the Meet the Dolls page. Here, you can read about my dolls, discover their talents, and explore their worlds!

Name: Jade Bryn Palmer-Blakely

Hair color: Blonde (and purple!)

Type: Isabelle GOTY 2014 doll

Eye color: Green

Eyebrows: Feathered

Age: 15

Hobbies: Fashion, all kinds of dance, posting on social media, feeding her coffee addiction, and drawing.

Three words to describe her: Sassy, narcissistic, active

Favorite animals: Koalas, elephants, cats

Pets: none

Nicknames: None

Personality: Introverted, sassy

How I got her: My sister received an Isabelle doll for her birthday. But when Lea joined her doll family, Isabelle was tossed in the corner, forgotten. I felt sorry for the doll, so I fixed her to and customized her to be Jade!








Name: Felicity Grace Merriman-Blakely

Hair color: Auburn

Type: retired historical Felicity doll

Age: 11

Eye color: green

Eyebrows: straight

Hobbies: Horseback riding, playing her guitar, talking (yes, talking), reading, ballroom dancing and blogging.

Three words to describe her: Spunky, fierce, loyal

Favorite animal(s): Horses, dogs, llamas

Pets: Galaxy (horse)

Nickname(s): Lissie

Personality: extroverted, animal lover, artistic, friendly

How I got her: I had been wanting and saving up for Felicity ever since they re-released her. But after looking at pictures of BeForever Felicity, I decided I liked the retired version better. We found a Felicity doll on eBay. We bid for her, and we won! I couldn’t open her until I had enough money for her, but when I did, I was ecstatic! You can read that post here!

img_0539-1 Isabelle Lanie Palmer- Blakley

Hair color: Blond

Type: Isabelle GOTY 2014 doll

Age: 12

Eye color: Green

Eyebrows: Feathered

Hobbies: Ballet, jazz, sewing, swim and cheer

Three words to describe me: Bold, Unique, Creative

Favorite animals: Cats, Sea turtles, and toucans

Pets: Tutu (cat), and Tim (toucan)

Nicknames : Izzy, Iz

Personality: Extroverted, fashionista, sassy

How I got her: In kindergarten, I had a friend name Grace who had like 7 American Girl Dolls. I got Lily Anna, an Our Generation Doll, that Christmas. I  was convinced she was ag, but when I found out she wasn’t I decided to get a ‘real’ AG doll. So I started saving up for Izzy. I finally bought her that summer! I no longer own Lily Anna, but I still remember how she and Isabel were best friends.


Alexandra Kate Blakley

Hair color: blond

Type: Truly me #27 (although I received her while it was My American Girl)

Age: 11 1/2

Eye color: Blue

Eyebrows: Feathered

Hobbies: Singing, songwriting, reading, writing stories, guitar, tambourine, and photography

Three words to describe me: kind, honest, girly

Favorite animals: Dolphins, dogs, sloths, and narwhals

Pets: Honey (dog), Tucker (sloth), Tay (Lea Margaray Cat)

Nicknames: Lexi, Alexa, Lex, Alex, Katie Bug, Starfish (don’t ask)

Personality:A mixture of an introvert and extrovert, ‘mom-like’, creative, daydreamer

How I got her: On my 7th birthday, I went to the AG store. My mom gave me $100 dollars to spend at the store, and adding up all the gift cards i had received, I was able to get  Alexandra! I added freckles toher recently, and I think she looks adorable. 🙂


Maryellen Alison Larkin-Blakley

Hair color: Red and curly

Type: BeForever Maryellen

Age: 10

Eyes: Hazel

Eyebrows: feathered

Hobbies: drawing, reading, studying, (does that count?) Ice skating, helping out at the greenhouse and community garden, and rocket science

Three words to describe me: Spunky, nerdy, fearless

Favorite animals: Cats, killer whales, and Flamingos

Pets: Maple (cat)

Nicknames: Ellie, Ell, Mare bear

Personality: Extroverted, wild, prankster, silly

How I got her: I got Elli as a christmas present in 2015 along with her accessories and school set. I screamed when I saw the rectangle shaped box under the tree, and tore the wrapping paper open to reveal a red box! I immediately took Maryellen out and decided she would be the littlest of the doll family 🙂



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