Meet the Dolls

Welcome to the Meet the Dolls page. Here, you can read about my dolls, discover their talents, and explore their worlds!

We’re starting from oldest to newest doll. Blakely is not my last name, it is just a random last name that I used for my dolls.

Isabel Loren Palmer-Blakely


Nickname: Izzy, Iz, Bella

Hobbies: Ballet, fashion design, sewing

Likes: Sweet foods, tutus, cats, reading, social media, slime, flowers, snow days

Dislikes: Rainy days, baggy pants, scrunchies, sea urchins, heights, small spaces

Dream job: Fashion designer

Age: 12

BFF: Jade

Doll: Retired GOTY 2014 Isabel Doll

Birthday/Day Emmie got me: July 12, 2014

Why I came to the Blakelys: I got accepted in to a dance studio here in Texas. Emmie decided to be a “host” for a dorm for AG Academy, so I stayed at her dollhouse while I was at AGA! I graduated from AGA last year, and now I’ve moved up to James Dance Academy where I have more opportunities to perform.

Alexandra Kate Blakely


Nickname: Lexie, Lex, Alexa

Hobbies: Writing, reading, singing

Likes: Trendy clothes, bright colors, braids, painted nails, chocolate

Dislikes: Sassy people, bullies, the color black, hair dye, stick-on nails, faux leather

Dream job: Singer-songwriter

Age: 11 1/2

BFF: Jayla

Doll: My American Girl #27

Birthday/Day Emmie got me: October 10, 2014

Why I came to the Blakelys: Like Isabel, I got accepted in AGA’s writing program. I landed in the same dorm as Isabel and Emmie completely by chance!

Maryellen  Allison Larkin-Blakely


Nickname: Ellie

Hobbies: Ice skating, coloring, gymnastics

Likes: Doughnuts, Play-Doh, playdates, shorts, flip-flops, ponies, puppies, wearing pigtails

Dislikes: Teenagers, homework, bikinis, wearing hair down, wolves, crowds, pink

Dream job: Olympic Gymnast

Age: 8 1/2

BFF: Lea

Doll: BeForever Maryellen Larkin Doll

Birthday/Day Emmie got me: December 24, 2015

Why I came to the Blakelys: I got in to the Gymnastics program at AGA, and I’m currently staying in the Blakely’s dorm!

Felicity Grace Merriman-Blakely


Nickname: Lissie

Hobbies: Horseback riding, art

Likes: Coffe, the color teal, bookmarks, “me-time”, girl’s nights, Monopoly, horses, blogging

Dislikes: Crowds, parties, carnivals, gum, french toast, Brussels sprouts, boys

Dream job: Jockey

Age: 11

BFF: Alexandra

Doll: Retired Historical Felicity Doll

Birthday/Day Emmie got me: April 7, 2017

Why I came to the Blakelys: I’m actually from the 1770s! I time-traveled to 2017 to get a better education, because in my native time girls weren’t allowed to go to school. So, I came to the Blakely dorm! Read my introductory photo-story here!

Jade Bryn Palmer-Blakely


Nickname: J

Hobbies: Ballet

Likes: Ballet, Pinterest aesthetics, Frappuchinos, trends, chokers, staying up late, sleeping in, drawing, Netflix

Dislikes: Waking up early, sports, ponytails, shorts, long skirts, tennis shoes, fish sticks

Dream job: Prima Ballerina

Age: 15

BFF: Isabel

Doll: Customized & Renamed Retired GOTY 2014 Isabel Doll

Birthday/Day Emmie got me: August 5, 2017

Why I came to the Blakelys: Isabel is actually my biological sister! I was missing her a lot after she left for AGA, so I decided to apply. Then, my family’s studio burned down, so they couldn’t afford to raise me. I had already applied to AGA and gotten accepted, so I decided to come to Texas. Little did I know that I would be in the same dorm as my sister! You can check out Forever, the AGSM series that tells my story here!

Ziana Joy Yang-Blakely


Nickname: Z

Hobbies: Film-making, blogging

Likes: Cameras, movie-making, exaggerating, math, video editing, screenwriting, making stop-motion videos, pigtails

Dislikes: Contacts, painted wood, sports team rivalry, mean people, gossip

Dream job: Filmmaker

Age: 13

BFF: Ashton

Doll: Contemporary Z Yang Doll

Birthday/Day Emmie got me: October 10, 2017

Why I came to the Blakelys: I lived in an orphanage in Korea for the first year of my life. Then some nice American missionaries took me to a foster home, but my foster parents were very strict and abusive. Check out Forever, the AGSM series chronicling my arrival here!

Ashton Mason Grant-Blakely


Nickname: Ash

Hobbies: Soccer, stargazing, playing guitar

Likes: Telescopes, skateboards, ice hokey, hoodies, sweatshirts, being interviewed for Z’s channel, Cheetos, Hot Cheetos, soccer

Dislikes: Cheez-Its, art class, plants, darkness, tight spaces

Dream job: Professional soccer player

Age: 12

BFF: Z and Logan

Doll: Customized & Renamed Retired Pleasant Company Doll with Beautifully Custom Deluxe Brave Wig (Watch how I was made here!)

Birthday/Day Emmie got me: December 30, 2017

Why I came to the Blakelys: Coming soon

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