Hey guys! Here’s the latest video from the AGW YT Channel, where I react to my first stop motions ever! (They’re so cringey, lol!) ☆ Hey guys! Here’s my photo for this week. Do you think it’s good enough to keep me in the competition? #AGMC ☆ ☆ VISIT THE BLOG: ☆ ☆ DON’TContinue reading “REACTING TO MY FIRST STOPMOTIONS! // A VIDEO”

Flashback. (A Christmas AGSM Movie) | For 200 Followers + 1 Year on YouTube!

Make sure click here to go to the website so the video shows up! The other day I was at a pizza restaurant, mindlessly staring at the maximum occupancy: 160 sign. Today, I looked back on that moment and realized something absolutely CRAZY: All of my followers wouldn’t fit in that pizza restaurant! You guys, I CANNOTContinue reading “Flashback. (A Christmas AGSM Movie) | For 200 Followers + 1 Year on YouTube!”

Two Years {Flashback Trailer}

Two years ago today, a girl finally mustered up the courage to ask her parents for a blog. The girl had been reading an American Girl Doll blog called Doll Stories and immediately fell in love with blogging. She would make fake YouTube videos with her dolls and friends but never uploaded them to anything. Maybe if IContinue reading “Two Years {Flashback Trailer}”

Isabel’s Bad Hair Day AGSM

Hi marshmallows! I’ve been working on a new AGSM for you guys, and I hope you like it! TIP: Go to the website if you’re in the reader and the video is not showing up. Music credit: Anywhere by Ikson Music provided by Music for Creators I had so much fun making theContinue reading “Isabel’s Bad Hair Day AGSM”

October Morning: A Mini AGSM + UPDATES!!

The Video Hey, marshmallows! I’ve got some super exciting news for you guys. But first, I’ve got an AGSM video for you guys! Z takes Popcorn for a walk on a drizzly October morning. But Popcorn decides to get into some mischief when she spots a squirrel in a tree! Did you like it? IContinue reading “October Morning: A Mini AGSM + UPDATES!!”

How to Make an American Girl Doll Cupcake // A Video Tutorial

Greetings, people of the Earth! Remember when I said I was going to post a craft tutorial vid the other day? Well, here it is! Late, because I had some editing problems yesterday. I hope you enjoy the video! tell me how yours turned out in the comments below, and stay tuned for Forever: Episode 3Continue reading “How to Make an American Girl Doll Cupcake // A Video Tutorial”

Forever Episode 2: Make-up and Break-up + Meet the Dolls Update

Greetings, people of the Earth! Maryellen here! I’m upset that I’m not in this video, but, Emmie seemed to have forgotten to post it, so I posted it for her! I think she said part 3 will be up by next Sunday, but I’m not sure. Knowing Emmie she’ll probably get it up late. So, withoutContinue reading “Forever Episode 2: Make-up and Break-up + Meet the Dolls Update”

50 Followers Q&A + NTTMN VOTING! + An Announcement

Greetings, Earthlings.   Hello everybody! Thanks everybody who entered the Q and A! Let’s get started! The questions will be in bold. Rachel’s Questions How long have you been blogging? Well, I started last December, so about 10 months! 😮 That’s crazy! Izzy, what’s your fave color? Izzy: Pink! Purple and teal are a close second. (HenceContinue reading “50 Followers Q&A + NTTMN VOTING! + An Announcement”